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The Emotional Healer's Journal: section on Fear

Overcome tough times

The Emotional Healer's Journal supports you through moments of worry, stress, anxiety, and frustration.

Reconnect with your self-esteem

This Journal takes you on a radical self-acceptance journey that strengthens your confidence while motivating you to make changes in life.

Bring out the best in you

Break the habit of reliving painful emotional experiences. The Emotional Healer’s Journal helps you release repressed emotions and inspires you to create new, more positive thoughts and attitudes.

A self-care ritual like no other

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About Us

We made the paper!

Can't believe mom and I talked about emotions in a national newspaper in Croatia!! Title says: "All emotions, even negative ones, are good because they are normal and human."

"We wanted to create The Emotional Healer’s in order to provide a starting point (and a support tool) for those wishing to tune in with their emotions and make meaningful changes in their life.”

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Made in Croatia.

We're proud to be working with local manufacturers and small business owners in Croatia to turn our vision into reality.

Made from FSC certified paper that comes from sustainable forests that maintain the highest environmental standards.