About us

 “We wanted to create The Emotional Healer’s Journal because we truly believe no one knows you better than you know yourself. We wanted to provide a starting point (and a support tool) for those wishing to own their space and continue making meaningful changes in their life.”


My mom and I have been on this beautiful and incredible healing and inner work journey that started over 15 years ago. Back then, inner work wasn’t as cool as today but it was one of the only things that helped my mom heal the trauma that comes from losing a child. As she became a holistic therapist and started sharing the tools with others as well as helping herself, I was closely observing her journey, and I must say a lot of it, if not all, rubbed off on me as a little girl and eventually as a young woman. 

We aim to share with you our knowledge and experience via practical tools that will help you navigate life, overcome challenges and ultimately recognize the power you hold within. 

We believe that improving the relationship we have with ourselves sets the foundation for helping others and supporting humanity. The world is going through challenging times, on individual and collective levels. We believe that by doing our inner work we are creating a ripple effect and helping communities at large. Helping everyone vibrate higher. 

-Carla Segvic

The Emotional Healer's Journal authors

This journal was created and written by a mother-daughter duo, Carla & Nada Segvic. Nada is a certified Theta Healing therapist and accredited CIR institute practitioner for Psychodynamic Development (as part of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy). Nada has spent over 16 years working with many other modalities and has been teaching Theta Healing in Croatia for over 10 years. 

Nada has a Master's Degree in Economics and has worked as an Accredited Accountant for over 20 years.

Carla grew up with self-development and mindfulness practices that have shaped her life in unimaginable ways and that she uses in her day-to-day, career, and relationships. A UCL Languages graduate, she’s worked in marketing teams in E-commerce and tech startups in London. 


About our company

We are based in Croatia and supporting Croatian workers is important to us. Our journals are made in Croatia and we work with local manufacturers and small business owners to create our journals and bring our vision to life. 

Made from FSC certified paper that comes from sustainable forests that maintain the highest environmental standards.